The week that was…

…awesome? Surprising? Unusual?

Monday I had frantic conversation, lovely coffee and handmade chocolates (the remainder of which I took – with permission!) at the home of Gillian, my mentor and fellow blogger/writer/foodie…three words which you can use in any combination:  foodie writer blogger, blogger writer foodie, writer foodie blogger, bloggie fooder writer, blooger, writie, feeder….KIDS STOP ME!  I’M ROLLING! Isn’t it funny how someone who has known you for a short time can boost your confidence and clarify your path with a few words?

Wednesday I watched my middle child graduate from Grade 5.  Succesfully (as in he graduated successfully, not having been told to sit on his hands until the ceremony was over.  But also successfully as in I didn’t melt into a flood of tears preventing me from actually seeing him graduate.)!  Well, successfully until he won the award for Best Achievement in Technology (he was right, all those hours on the PS3 did pay off!) then there were no tissues to contain my tears, my snot, and stifle my sobs of surprise!  My pride in my boy was like an ocean filling my skin.

 img_3300 Well done Ethan. You’re a brilliant kid! 

And my favorite, but don’t tell the other two.

Thursday My book Chooks in the City was announced as one of two books shortlisted for the 2008 ACT Writing & Publishing Awards – Non fiction Section!  I get gold medal stickers to put on my books!  I shook Jon Stanhope’s hand!  And unfortunately I photographed badly as usual – this was a gift from the wicked fairy at my chirstening no doubt:  “She will be tall, she will have a great sense of humor BUT…once she turns 13, she will never photograph well for the rest of her days MWAH HA HA HA HAAAAAA!”


Photographs aside though, it was a week….without suitable verb.  An amazing week.  An awesome week.  Hopefully, an unforgettable week….cause the things I remember are actually dimishing at a rate of knots…but you guys will remind me, right?

Wishing you all weeks of surprise and blessings!

7 thoughts on “The week that was…

  1. I just read about the shortlisting in today’s Canberra Times Panorama… C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S ! ! ! ! !

    And well done, Ethan! Madi finished 5th grade this week, too, and got an award for Japanese! I really ought to blog about it. What good is a blog if you can’t brag a little about your kids??

  2. Wow, that’s tremendous news about your book! Congratulations! (And of course, you can tell them you have readers all over the world. )
    Uh-oh. E.g. just said something about maybe going to Akulivik. Tell me she’s kidding.

  3. Thanks Trish! I was pretty thrilled…and you’re absolutely right – get blogging!

    Yes Checkers, in fact one of the judges quotes were: “good things come in small packages” but you already knew that, right?

    She’s kidding? (Where on earth is Akulivik?) And thanks, Lavenderbay, it’s people like you who ensure I am well read!

    Thanks, Stace!!

  4. A bit late, I know, but maybe this comment can fall into the reminder category. What great news! Congratulations to you Alyson and Ethan on your fantastic achievements. It must have been hard to stop smiling for weeks.

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