How much can a koala bear?

This series of photos was sent to me by a writer friend Anne-marie Taplin, whose friend in Victoria took them during the heatwave that engulfed our southern states just before the bushfires started.

 For overseas visitors this is very unusual behaviour.  Koalas are wild animals (not in behaviour, unless cornered and frightened) and completely uninterested in humans…he must have been so very dehydrated to have come so close to people, especially as such a young animal.  Hopefully the little fellow lived.




4 thoughts on “How much can a koala bear?

  1. I don’t know too much about koalas, but I seem to recall they get much of their moisture from gum leaves, which gives them that sleepy, laid back (ie. stoned) attitude. I imagine he had to be really in a very bad way to approach humans on his own, let alone crawl into a tub of water.

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