Don’t be offended if…

Don’t be offended if a friend forgets your name during introductions.  This says more about the forgetful person and their current state of mind than it does about you and your ability to be memorable.

On a shopping trip with my 8 year old daughter recently, I bumped into an old school pal.  We had never been close friends but had always shared a very silly sense of humor, so it was delightful to see her after nearly twenty years.  I went to introduce my friend to my daughter and realised I couldn’t remember her name.  Not my friend.  My friends name came back to me in a single heartbeat the second I saw her.  It was my daughters name I couldn’t remember.  Luckily, my daughter was able to supply her name herself, after watching me point and stutter and mentally going through the names of her brothers, the dogs, cats and horses.  And luckily, my friend with the silly sense of humor still has that fabulously silly sense of humour. 

The Bad Mother strikes again.  And apparently I haven’t changed at all.

5 thoughts on “Don’t be offended if…

  1. Your little brother must have been a real torment…to be so closely associated in your brain with feeling annoyed! I probably called Abbey by my sisters name too (Em), ‘cos I call her that alot for similar reasons.

  2. Haha dont worry, after 24 years my mother still calls me by my sisters name half the time. She remarried a couple of years ago so I now have 3 step sisters as well, so I am guessing in the years to come I will be responding to any one of five names she utters 😉

  3. Oh my, how hilarious! I have a similar name problem, though have yet to forget my son’s name during an introduction : ) Those koala pictures are simply amazing, can’t wait to share them!

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