ethan_abbey_alyson_at_mt_selwyn1 When he was three days old, I brought him home.

When he was 2 and a half years old, a policeman brought him home.

img_3402 In his first year of school he tried to buy $50 worth of cough lollies to share with his classmates.

img_3300 Our old neighbours still tell the story about how he successfully ran away from home at the age of three, and entered their housewarming party with a carload of guests.  He managed to eat half a wheel of Camembert with crackers before anyone realised that he didn’t belong to any of the people present.

img_3727  He likes obscure British comedy and can mimic Little Britain skits with alarming accuracy.  Particularly Bubbles DeVere.

img_4159 And although he is a mischief, and stubborn, and determined to learn the hard way EVERY time,  he melts me with his kisses even at my crankiest.


I am so proud of him that my heart sings when he smiles.  Happy Birthday, my Lad. 

May your life be bright as the sun.

9 thoughts on “Eleven

  1. Haha ok you need to either elaborate or point me to an older post explaining this: “When he was 2 and a half years old, a policeman brought him home.”

    And of course, Happy Birthday to the young man!

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