Interview by a Turtle

Lavenderbay, of Voice of the Turtle  fame, sent me some interview questions to amuse and inspire me, despite the fact she’s busier than a blue-arsed fly and currently working towards relocation.  A great idea, really, for those blog writers who get all gummed up and constipated for what to write, but also a good idea for those like myself, who have so many thoughts busting out of their brain that consequently, they are equally gummed up and constipated for which to write.  Excellent visuals, aren’t they?  Sorry.  If anyone else out there would like questions to inspire or focus a future blog post, let me know in the comments and I’ll see how I can help!

1. The Mediocre Fairy has granted you three wishes, but decided on the
first two herself. You have been magically whisked away to Canada
without an airplane (that’s one), and you have been relieved of your
accident-proneness (that’s two). For your third wish, you get to try
one of the following winter sports:
 a) downhill skiing; b) skating; c) cross-country skiing; d)
snowboarding; e) snowshoeing.
Which sport would you like to try, and why

No airplane?  Fantastic!  No accident-proneness….well, that’s just a mind-blowing thought Lavenderbay.  I can no sooner imagine that, than I can imagine what it would be like to…to…uhhhh…I can’t imagine.  But, given I don’t really know what snowshoeing is (besides the obvious: putting on shoes in the snow) then skating would be my winter sport of choice.  I used to skate in the street when I was a kid…back when you strapped your skates onto your Dunlop Volleys, and I loved it.  The speed, the fluidity of movement, before that crashing sensation of landing right smack on your tailbone when your skate-strap snapped.  Yeah, if you could guarantee that wouldn’t happen, I’d go for skating.  I never got skiing in any form: climb the mountain, slide down the mountain, climb the mountain.  But you can always skate to the shop and skate to a friends house and skate to the Village People at the Rollerdisco.  Cool. 

2. “A day without watching chickens is like a day without
____________.” Fill in the blank. Explain

A cup of tea.  A day without a cup of tea is fine.  It’s OK.  A day without a cup of tea can still be good.  But it will be nicer with a good, soothing, quiet cup of strong tea.  It just will be.  Watching chooks is not an imperative in my day.  But the happy, comforting, warm feelings I have doing it completes me.  It’s such a part of my life that if I don’t get the time to sit by their run for 5 minutes, I can still see them from my kitchen sink window, and I do watch them while I wash my hands, wash dishes, whatever, probably thirty times a day without even realising.  They’re soothing in their chookiness.

3. Name one quality in each of your children, and in your husband,
that absolutely thrills you to pieces

Eldest:  My easy going, sweet natured lad has his moments as we traverse the teenage years, but his friendliness makes my heart sing.

Middle child:  This smiley kid’s sense of humor has gotten him out of many scrapes, and hopefully will continue to do so.  I hope he can keep it as he traverses the teenage years.

Youngest:  Abbey’s belief that she can do anything she sets her mind to thrills me to bits.  Her teenage years may well be tricky.

SH:  SH’s capacity to be open to change holds him dear to me.  We’ve grown and changed alot in 15 years together.  It’s never easy conquering old habits, or recognising bad choices, and yet he has done so – which gives me the inspiration to do so…if, of course, I ever made bad choices.  Which I don’t.  Mostly.

4. In our lifetime, Australia has blossomed as a movie-making country.
International fame has been garnered for films as diverse as
“Priscilla, Queen of the Dessert”, “My Brilliant Career”,  and
“Rabbit-proof Fence.” What film or films (up to three) would you
suggest to non-Australians as must-sees, and why?

My favorite Australian movie is called “Waiting” and whilst probably boring to any male, it is a lovely movie of  female friendship, that happens to have some familiar Australian rural scenes that aren’t the ones shown in tourism ads.  It stars Noni Hazelhurst, and Deborrah Lee Furness (Hugh Jackman’s wife) two of my favorite Australian actors.  “The Sum of Us” with a young Russell Crowe is another fave: both of these movies capture more ordinary life in Australia than “Priscilla” (another fave) but fun if you can get your hands on them.

5. What do you think of Yellow Tail? Banrock Station? Wolf Blass?

Yellowtail has a nice champagne out now, that is nicely priced.  I really like Banrock Station: it has a brilliant social and environmental conciousness, makes a great cask wine in an environmentaly friendly cask and doesn’t cost much.  I don’t buy Wolf Blass personally, but I will certainly drink it if you offer it to me.  I could find at least one great wine from any of those three that I’d be happy to have in my fridge.


3 thoughts on “Interview by a Turtle

  1. Thanks, Alyson, those are great answers! Friendly, funny, flexible, and self-confident family members; soothing chickens; you’ve got it all.
    The wines I listed are ones we can buy here; good to know Australians like ’em too.
    I’ve seen “The Sum of Us” : brilliant film! Couldn’t remember either the title or any of the actors, so thanks for filling in those gaps.
    Okay, gotta go put on the apron and get out the duster. Hasta la nextima!

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