Over to you

A little help, people?  What’s a great book to take on a plane? 

You know the kind:

One you can pick up and fall into straight away.

One that grabs you by the front of your shirt with anticipation.

Or makes you snort your water out your nose because it’s so funny.

One that you can read the same line 17 times, while half watching the air hostess doing the safety talk, without wondering what on earth the sentence means, and why isn’t it familiar yet?

One that isn’t going to dislocate my shoulder with its weight.

But still be substantial enough to get me to the West coast of the US.  From Canberra, Australia.  In between movies.
And eating.  And giggling with pure excitement.  Heeheeheeee.

I promise to review it AND my trip when I return.


4 thoughts on “Over to you

  1. Anything by Bill Bryson. A Walk in the Woods, if you like hiking. Or In A Sunburned Country for a funny look at Australia (and a particularly funny, if disturbing, look at Canberra).

    That is, if you haven’t already read them.

  2. I have indeed read them Stace, but they’re the kind of books I don’t mind revisiting. Good one!

    You go, boy! Actually I was thinking of you when I wrote the 4th sentence. Go on suggest one…

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