In Memorium


Boobs McGee, aka Barbie.

A surprisingly good egg layer and an excellent mother.  The smartest and most individual hen I ever met.
Silky X, 3 1/2 years old.



Three of the seven Blackies

Three of you survived to 12 weeks of age: early adulthood.  You three showed great promise as young adult chooks.  All of you had excellent form as members of our chicken community.
Australorp X Silky cross, 12 weeks.



Bess and Pat (White chooks in middle of front row and slightly to the right)

Mother and daughter, you were sweet natured, docile, friendly and layed lovely white eggs.  You were friendly and always close to my feet when I brought the scraps – in a good way.  You never made a fuss when you were handled and you were both very pretty hens.

Light Sussex Bantams, 2 years and 1year.


Richard aka Benny Hill (White Silky Rooster, far right)

Richard you were the very best of roosters.  You were valiant, compassionate, brave, wise and a little bit silly.  You took good care of your hens and babies.  I know you did not make it easy for those foxes.  I will miss your crow in the morning.  I would be lucky to ever have another rooster like you.

Silky, 4 years.

Rest in peace my lovely chooky friends.

8 thoughts on “In Memorium

  1. It wouldn’t be wrong, I’m just not there yet with raising my own birds for eating. However, if I were I wouldn’t have eaten these ones a) because the last time I saw a fox round here, it was very ill and b) they weren’t left in a state conducive to using.

    I will be roasting a bought, dressed, free range chicken for dinner tonight, using lemons, thyme and garlic – and roasting parsnips, carrots and spuds…pure comfort food. And, for anyone wondering, no I’m don’t have a problem with owning chickens and eating them, as long as they have lived well. Mine do!

  2. Oh Dennis, indeed there was: a Thursday massacre.

    Thanks, Simone…I guess that puts paid to my idea of getting ducks – massacred ducks would somehow be even more tragic to pick up then wee chooks. Thanks for the hugs, too, I needed that.

  3. There are great people such as Ghandi or Martin Luther King, Jr. (etc.) who are called to give up that boundary, I think. I think that at some point before they were called to do that, though, they must have learned to care for themselves also

  4. Poor little chookies! Poor you! Did any of them survive the attack?
    I especially remember the first photo: I won your book on account of it. Hope your Comfort Food did its job.

  5. 4 hens survived…one is too old to lay, one was the mother/grandmother of the brown hen and chicks, my Australorp hen lived and a young pekin pullet lived. I’ve no idea how.

    Comfort food almost always does it job, Water jay 🙂

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