Essental lightness of being

Poor Ginger, I wish she got there first with the business idea, but I’m awful glad she created this tutorial

I always hit a wall where my hair doesn’t look right and I want Wagon Wheels, NOW!  Where I have little creative explosions around the house and where every person in a 2 metre radius annoys the living crap out of me.  It happens once a month and do you think I realise why?  Never.  Never ever in fact.  I spend most of that week wondering what on EARTH is wrong with everyone, and am I the ONLY SANE person on the planet?  It’s only when SH waves a Wagon Wheel at me before saying ‘Hello’ that it usually clicks.  Well, actually it’s when he tells me he ‘got the Wagon Wheels because I seemed like I needed one’, that it clicks.

Thankyou, Ginger.  Now, I’m going to know it’s coming and prepare.  Preferably by having my tracksuit pants clean and waiting, with a nice bottle of Sherry and some Wagon Wheels.  On a desert island.  Of course.


2 thoughts on “Essental lightness of being

    • I always thought that was EXACTLY the case! Nevertheless it does help to have a reminder that the rest of the world is about to become irrational and annoying! 😀

      Luv AL

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