Greeting Your Family: a Jack Russell How-To


DO run as fast as you can to the gate, skipping on three legs when required.

DO breathe hard from all the running; apparently it makes you sound happier.

DO wag your tail until it is a supersonic blur: numbness is a good sign you are doing it right.

DO stretch your mouth wide and hang your tongue out: humans like that and should respond likewise, but without the tongue.


DO dance on your back legs for each member of the family: this scores bonus points if they’re holding food.

HOWEVER, despite your best intentions, DO NOT roll in a fresh puddle of warm horse urine; humans apparently don’t understand the gesture, and unfortunately don’t appreciate it either. 

At all.

IMG_3657  Heathens…

8 thoughts on “Greeting Your Family: a Jack Russell How-To

  1. hello alyson its dennis the vizsla dog hay it is verry nice to see yoo arownd more laytly!!! now then abowt the horse yoorin wood cold yoorin be akseptabul??? how abowt poo??? i just want to mayk shoor i do this rite!!! ok bye

  2. I love this post! I love your dog too : ) I’m wondering if my dog has some Jack Russell in him too, I’ve never really met one in person, only from far away. They sound like they have a lot of energy and personality!

  3. Thankyou Dennis! As for the cold urine and/or poo, surprisingly the poo is slightly more acceptable, but in general the answer is ‘NO’…

    Thanks Allyson, JR’s are ALL about the energy and personality, and they manage to squeeze their DNA into all sorts of dogs, apparently without anyone realising 🙂

  4. Hey Alyson,

    We have a JRT (among others) and she loves to roll in stuff too. She hasn’t done it in horse urine but thats only because the opportunity has yet to present itself. She’s almost 14 now, and has slowed down quite a bit. Her face used to look kinda like your dog’s but now it’s almost all white.

    • Gemma’s face was all tan when we rescued her 4 years ago, at the age of 3 or 4, and I was shocked to see old photos of her and realise how white she’s gotten already….I guess it’s a good thing if she has so much more white to go!

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