New chooks on the block

Photo0433  This is Blinky and his..errm live-in love, Bets.  They are a pair of Buff Pekin Bantams and long term residents of Fivehills.

Blinky is a particularly fertile little nugget, and even though he is at least a Great Grandfather, he is still… errrm breeding like a rabbit.  He’s called Blinky because he is a feisty old fella, and he’ll take a piece of you as quick as a Blink!

Photo0436  Ooh see?!!  Here he is being feisty!

He’s saying “Get that little box away from my Missus or I’ll have you see?  I’m bad!  I’m ferocious!  I’m swinging my wattles!”

I love him.  And even though he is only about 40 centimetres high, I’m a little bit afraid of him.

Surprisingly, Blinky, the fierce little Buff Pekin Rooster, has been an awesome and caring father to the loads of progeny his harem has hatched.  He calls the chicks to juicy morsels he has found, he protects them when an errant butterfly threatens their safety and he has even been known to sit on them and keep them warm when their mothers are busy and ‘just want a break from the incessant cheeping for Crying Out Loud!

As good a Dad as he is, having a grown son living with him was a potential problem; so Blinky’s son and one of the harem of his own vintage were sent off to Gundagai to happily forage free range on a property, in exchange for:

Photo0439 Mr & Mrs Grey Faverolle Bantam.

Otherwise known as Ken and Barbie.  Faverolles don’t have the lovely rounded bodies of Pekins, but they do share feathery legs, and look like they have slippers on.  Favs also have a funny feathery face that give the impression of chipmunk cheeks.

Photo0438Here’s Kenny crowing.  He has amazing lung capacity for any size bird, let alone a tiny wee fella.  He beats Blinky hands down in the crowing department. 

Photo0443Ken & Barbie like their new house.

Initial impressions of Ken are that while he has a loud, high pitched crow that travels for miles (Hi neighbours, anyone need eggs, earplugs, or beers?  Bribes? What do you mean bribes?), he is inoffensive to exposed ankles, and he likes his new female friends ALOT!  Barbie is less convinced of her new friends and a little disturbed by Ken’s overtures towards them.  She also has trouble remembering where she roosts at night and keeps trying to jump on the roof of the dog house.  I think years of waking up, suddenly, 5 centimetres away from crowing Ken has muddled her little head somewhat.

Obviously, Ken & Barbie and Blinky & his Missus are not housed together, or Blinky would rip Ken’s bloody wings off!


So, instead they hurl abuse at each other from their respective runs.

If you imagine they have Scottish accents, it’s hilarious.  Well, it makes me smile.

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