Photo0447  For my lovely friend and the most recent PhD I know, Sandra Burr, an apron for wearing to visit her horse Myst, with pockets for hoof picks, carrots and car keys…or whatever she wants.

Repurposed sturdy upholstery material, jeans loops and pockets, and my much coveted (by me) New York (trim and bottom edge) and San Francisco (cowgirl and saddle, not poo pile, saddle) fabric!

Inspired by this tutorial of Gingers at weiner dog  tricks.  Too clever.  Too funny!

6 thoughts on “Sewn!

  1. How I adore and treasure this apron. Such a perfect gift and such an honour to be the recipient of the New York trim. Tomorrow I will show it to Ms Myst who I am certain will love it as much as I do – she is a mare, afterall, with impeccable taste 🙂

  2. Wow–beautiful work! I love the colors! If your sister doesn’t feel she’s amazing after she gets one of your Ginger-inspired aprons, then nothing will do it.

    But maybe you could sew on the message, just in case.

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