8 thoughts on “It’s true…

  1. Hilarious! I too share your love of wagon wheels. In fact I had one last night (although it was a namby pamby little one). I worked with the most passionate of wagon wheel lovers. He ate one every afternoon – we joked that we could set our watch to his ww habit 🙂

  2. Those packet of biscuit ones are torture aren’t they Nicole? Before you know it, you’ve eaten the whole pack and there’s none left for when you wake up! *sigh* Yes, I think I MAY have a WW habit…at least I hope I do..

    Not sure James, is a Big Wheel chocolatey on the outside, with two round biscuits marshmallow and jam-ed together? Whoops, I think I’m drooling on myself…

  3. On the matter of chocolate – has anyone noticed that Cadbury’s blocks are getting smaller while the pirce is the same – or a little more? We are currently boycotting Cadbury’s for their sneaky tactics – but oh it is sooo hard! I’m beginning to think that ‘chocolate’ and ‘principles’ are oxymoronic! Sigh

    • I wouldn’t be surprised at all…a family block of Cadbury Snack does NOT amuse my family at all. Stick to the Wagon Wheel, my friend, it won’t disappoint!

  4. I remember eating wagon wheels as a kid, they were so HUGE. Even the original ones now don;t seem as big.

    Oh – and we boycot Cadbury’s too now – their new chocolate formula tastes like crap 😦 They now add Palm oil!

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