My Favourite Things: New York Part 1

That’s right.  After 5 days in San Francisco, where I left my book and my heart, we took the Red-Eye to New York.  You will not find the Red-Eye flight on my list of favourite things.  It was not one of my favourite things at all.

1.  Even though we couldn’t get into our room until 1.30pm (and it was 9.30am when we arrived all crumply and red-eyed) we were able to make use of the Breakfast Room, and eat our daily free breakfast.  That was one of my favourite ways to start the day anywhere, but particularly after…oh, I’ve mentioned it already?  Sorry.  Our Room at the Comfort Inn Midtown, was a wonderful haven during our travels.  The staff were great (Hey, Sidibi!) the bed was huge and comfy, and the pigeon spikes were fascinating!

2.  New York is so very Sesame Street!  I was brought up on Sesame Street and I kept seeing little vignettes that took me right back to Mr Hoopers store or the side of the building where Big Bird lived.


3.  Squirrels!  They’re so cute in a fuzzy ADHD way.  You guys in the US, must just roll your eyes when Australian travellers run after your local rodents with our cameras; I guess we are a little like that about kangaroos.

Photo0245 Lookout Em, he’s gonna get ya!

4.  Pizza, as pointed out to us by the locals.  I’m sure that man didn’t mind being accosted on his way back to his apartment with his pizza under his arm, but it just smelt too good and let me tell you, Famiglia Pizza was just about the best pizza I ever had.  Who knew Spinach and Cheese Pizza could be all that and more?  I can’t even put the photo of me eating it here because I was so intent on stuffing it into my gob, the image would put you off your next meal.

5.  Free Rugelah samples at Dean & DeLuca…someone please give me a recipe for Rugelah?  Please?

6.  The Garment District….catch me I’m fainting!  You mean there are streets of hole-in-the-wall shops that sell fabric at less than half the price I pay at home?  Heaven, right?


7.  After dropping off the mountain of fabric I dragged back to the hotel, we took a circuitous walk past the Chrysler building and Grand Central station: part of the thrill of these great places was that we were hurrying everywhere amongst people who had to BE somewhere, like work.  We didn’t have to be anywhere.  It was fantastic.

Photo0176 Em loved Grand Central Station.  She took some great photos, which you will not see here.  I take photos with my phone.  Talk to my husband about it.

8.  The New York Public Library snuck up on us.  I was about to cross the road when I saw a lion.


Photo0183 And then I started to cry.

 Photo0185 Patience & Fortitude.

I loved the Library.  And even though it was 5 minutes to closing time, we went in and I searched for my book on one computer from each row of computers.  And I found it on everyone – once I did an International Search.  And I left that search on each computer…it was kind of like leaving my book in San Francisco.  It made me feel good.  New York, I love your Library.

9.  After an emotional day, we figured some sugar was in order to restore our…errr…sugar levels?  And coincidentally we came across Magnolia Bakery, where we accidentally stepped inside….and left with some Red Velvet Cupcakes.  Oh Dear.  We don’t have Red Velvet Cake in Australia and I always wondered what the big deal was.  Let’s just say, I get it OK?  Mmmmmmm.  Magnolia Bakery, you guys are goo-ood!

10.  Rain in New York.  New York is so atmospheric that rainy days are broody and mellow, sparkly and soft hued.  It made me feel all misty.

  Photo0196 I don’t think this looks like me at all, but it looks exactly the way I felt inside.

Oh, yeah, and there’s the Statue of Liberty.  I nearly missed her in the rain.

11.  New York with my sister.  Can you believe we didn’t throw things at each other the whole time?

Photo0282 Hey Em, you’ve got a tiny photographer caught in your hair.

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