My Favourite Things: NY 2


1.  The friendly, friendly people like New York Police Officer Ray and his Good Horse.  Hey Ray!  Seriously, these people are a credit to New York.  Hey Avi & Maudrey, Marty and family, and the countless…I mean COUNTLESS people who were only too happy to help us, point us in the right direction, show us subway shortcuts or have a chat.


2. New York is so atmospheric, no matter the weather.  It actually rained almost the entire time we were there in very early Spring and it didn’t matter at all…it just lent itself to that intangible New Yorkness.  You know?  It is a word.

3.  Tiffany’s.  I. Had. No. Idea.
I am not a jewellery person, so Tiffany’s – Meh.  Or so I thought!  We wandered into Tiffany’s about 5 seconds before a 2 day deluge started (see #2) and there we were…wafting around in our damp, well worn travelling clothes, looking in glass cases at beautiful, shiny things with golden glowing lighting all around us, soft jazz playing, and the silver rain teeming outside the enormous picture windows.  Everyone was smiling and spoke in hushed tones….except my sister who was saying “Could I look at that please, Paul?  Ooh and that?  And, OH, do you have that in silver? Oh, Paul, Paul look!  Is that for a little girl?”  Boy, was she excited!  I actually found myself the most perfect ring ever: The Tiffany’s Nature Rose Ring, and I bought it for myself (unheard of) for my 40th Birthday (which is in December).   Thankyou, Maggie and Paul…you were wonderful and made our experience just that much more special with your humor and patience.


4.  I really like your yellow things.  Your yellow things are almost orange: the school buses, the cabs, the cheese.  It’s a happy color, against the muted urban landscape.  And in cheese, it’s just yummy.

5.  When we were at Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market, I overheard a guy answering his phone.  He said: “Hey, Morty!  How the Hell are ya?!”  This was one of my favourite things for so many reasons: flea market (briefly, not raining), hearing a line spoken in an accent that I thought was too good to be true.  The whole conversation was fascinating, and the guy didn’t even seem to mind that I was following him around, giggling the whole time.

6.  Bryant Park on a sunny day, with no rain (Duh), with a Baguette, a juice, and a bag of fabric to rest my head on.  Life doesn’t get much better than that.
Photo0221 Can’t you tell?

And the funny thing is: we found Bryant Park, stumbling on it accidentally about 25 minutes after leaving our hotel room, but it ended up being only 5 minutes away!  You know, the thing with New York is that you cantake a different parallel street from the one you normally take and discover a whole world you didn’t know existed.  I love that.  Luckily we found Bryant Park on this day, because we didn’t have another dry day until the hour we got in our cab to go to the airport.  It was meant to be.

Photo0220 Sigh!

7.  The Garage Flea Market, where a lady asked me if I’d like to buy one of her Homemade Brownies before I fell over.  I think we forgot to have breakfast ( I know, WHOA, what happened?…In fact I think we slept in and missed our free Brekky and thought we could do without.  HA!)  That delicous Brownie saved my life.  Best Brownie ever!

8. Johnny’s Diner, next door.  It was maybe 2 metres wide, with half a dozen stools lined up to the counter, and the cook seemed to know what you wanted by looking at you.  I had an Egg and Bacon Roll and juice.  It was quick and it was good and hot.  I felt well looked after.  It was also surreal, like we’d walked onto a movie set, with the rain outside, and everyone at the counter intent on the meal in front of them. 

9. Becoming familiar: our hotel peeps, our favourite Deli, so many people saw our faces amongst the thousands of faces, and so many of them smiled and waved if they saw us again.  Hey, There’s Ray!  Hey, Ray!  Hey, Good Horse!


10.  Travelling with my sister…for obvious reasons.

Photo0215 Sharing outrageous meals and Pomegranete Margaritas…

Photo0241 Making me laugh in photographs (for a change)…

Photo0265 And for being an idiot with me in Museums, for posterity and the amusement of German tourists.  Way too much fun!

7 thoughts on “My Favourite Things: NY 2

    • LOL I’m so kacky handed Rhu that I couldn’t take a photo of it without taking it off….and I’m never taking it off. Nevernevernever! Oh, OK I’ll see what I can do – it will only be for a second, right? 🙂

    • SuWeeeeee! Now I realise how many potato skins you had, no wonder you had to get a doggie bag! I don’t think I noticed at the time, because I only had eyes for my side of the table!

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