T-shirt Refurb


This is a Liz Claiborne top, op-shopped from the bargain rack for $4 (is it just me, or have other Australians noticed that Vinnie’s and Salvo’s prices have suddenly gone UP?  It’s because it’s so fashionable, I’m sure!), while the knit fabric is good quality, diappointingly the shape was boxy and wrong and it was consigned to a pyjama top.  But after poring over this inspiring post at My Mama Made It I decided to take to it with scissors.

I’m so glad I did.

I used a favorite t-shirt to figure out how far to cut the sides in, took the sleeve length to midway between elbow and shoulder, took the pocket off, and swirled strips into a ‘rose’ to cover the studs from the pocket.  And because it’s a t-shirt, there is no hemming required.  None.  Fantastic for the lazy sewer, like me.


I like it alot!

Here it is with my new stash busted skirt (the best of two skirts I’ve ever made, the original pattern made it a weird bell shape, in my frustration it was nearly binned but saved by a second pattern) and my flower pots (what the…?).  I feel so French in this outfit…it could be the headless thing.

9 thoughts on “T-shirt Refurb

  1. That’s great work, and the rosette makes it. More inspiration for a fellow lazy sewer.

    And yes, prices are pretty darn steep in my op shops nearby (admittedly my area in Melbourne is one of the most expensive for thrift shopping, because it’s cool to be grunge in these parts!). I do hate seeing t-shirts that probably sold for $10 at Kmart being sold for $6 at Savers! So I try to go on ‘sale’ days, but even if it’s not massively cheap I still like the principle of shopping secondhand.

    • Thanks Duckherder and Clutterpunk – it’s one of my more successful sewing moments.

      I completely agree with you on the principles of secondhand shopping and more and more I’m seeking out those smaller church run op shops, or small town ones. Salvos in town stocks half a shop of weird new stuff and holds the record for high priced items, and Vinnie’s seems to have mandated their prices across the board regardless of the condition of the item. In my local Vinnie’s, this is balanced by the fact they’ve now gotten EFTPOS, so I don’t have to count my pennies and choose between my picks..WOOHOO…but that just means I end up with more books than I can read in a three year period or really bizarre bits of fabric for my overburdened stash! Which I secretly love.

  2. I was wondering – how did your no-shopping pledge go? Pretty well, by the looks!

    I just bought four t-shirts at Big-W. Same tee, four different colours. I always do that. Saves trying on heaps of things.

    • That’s always a smart thing to do if you find something that fits you well…unfortunately nothing ever fits me that well. I’ve done really well with my no-shopping pledge actually, and surprisingly I’ve got more things in my drawers than I had before I started!

      • Ha, yes. Most things fit me as I seem to be shaped like a dummy (I flatter myself), except for pants, which are usually a foot too long.

        At least I can buy three-quarter lengths and wear them as full-length longs. (Ideally my legs should be two inches even shorter but you can’t have everything in this life eh.)

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