Dear Diary

When I was awake at 4am this morning, pondering on the Universe, my parenting skills and my horse’s hoof, I decided as you do, that this year I would have a diary.  I have had diaries on and off throughout my life, but certainly not in the last decade or so…who has time when they have nappies to change and wash, and food to cook and clean off the floor…don’t answer that….I certainly had no time to write in a diary then.  But now…instead of imperfectly blogging about what’s on my mind, when naturally it becomes an exercise in writing readable, and hopefully amusing discourse, I decided I shall augment things by writing a diary

This pleases me because not only will I have a personal record of the weather at any given time which is far too boring to write in a blog, but also of what I plant where so I don’t forget (do you know  on New Year’s Day I discovered a bed of asparagus I planted 4 years ago and had entirely forgotten about?  Asparagus!  Imagine! Who forgets asparagus?), what I made when and how I got the inspiration (probably from Ginger, because she just has that effect on me) and also what was going on in the Hill household from month to month – always a giggle when rediscovered ten years after various child/parent stalemates I’m assured.  I had the opportunity to read the diary of a neighbour’s mother-in-law, written before her marriage, back in the 1920’s and I was captured.  In her sparse words, I was whisked back to a life which was so acutely angled from the one we live, and yet aspects of her felt so familiar.  I wonder if old blog posts will have that far-reaching effect in 80 years – somehow I can’t imagine it at all.  The good news is, as my friend Nik pointed out, if nothing else it will certainly give me fodder for blog posts; a good thing because my memory is still unfortuantely like that of a goldfish, wherein I think “Writing about the effect of crazy PMS on my abilities at the sewing machine, otherwise known as ‘why my family hides once a month'” is a good idea, but I can’t remember it at all 5 minutes later, when I’ve finally sat down at the computer, because I’m trying to remember where I hid the chocolates someone gave us for Christmas”.  You know…can’t force the brain to hold two new things at the same time, right?  Right?

Anyway.  This also takes some of the pressure I’m renowned for putting on myself to write every day.  I can try to write every day, but it may just be: It rained this morning and looks like it will this arvo (not insignificant in our neck of the drought!) This takes an enormous amount of pressure off myself, from err….myself.  And to that end, I had to get a day-to-a-page diary, which is apparently impossible on the 5th of January.  Can you believe it?  I thought not only would I find one, but it would be 75% off!  Not a chance.  There were a billionty eleven diaries of a week to a page, and there were eleventy ten blank journals, but I didn’t want them.  I HAVE 13 blank journals for writing in – they’re for creative writing time and that’s why they look like a mad woman’s breakfast…what I wanted was a DIARY.  With printed dates on each page so I wouldn’t cheat.  Because, you know I would if I let myself get away with it.  This way I can say to myself “Oooh you slack tart, you’ve skipped a whole week and a half!” and then I can retort back to myself “Yes, but sometimes not saying anything is saying something, so shut up!” and then I can say back “….

You know what?  You don’t need to know what I’d say then….it’s the PMT ok?

Anyhoo, all you need to know is I wanted a day-to-a-page-diary that didn’t need a wheelbarrow to carry.

And I got one.  At full price, cos that’s the kind of luck I roll with.  But it has little boxes to tick with weather symbols and smiley faces, or not, as well.  And I’m gonna write in it. 

I am. 

 Am so. 

You just wait and see.

12 thoughts on “Dear Diary

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    • Yeah, I can imagine re-discovering it in 2018 and reading all the entries up to January 21st – because that’s when they stop, but nothing ventured, nothing remembered!

  2. Well, have we become less able to decipher individual handwriting the more we read print and on screen? If that’s your handwriting, Alyson, I sure am glad you don’t handwrite your blog posts! Mine’s as cryptic, but in a different way.

    • LOL! no, that’s John Lennon’s handwriting actually. MIne is legible, and my thought processes somewhat more organised, but who am I to criticise, he was a creatvie genius 🙂

  3. Woooooo Hoooooo! High five for a bitchin goal. Way to go. It will be the best year ever, just because you’ve chronicled it. And because there is something to just writing. Not writing well, even, or amazingly, or to impress. But just making the pend move.

  4. Having read over your blog the last month or so…..PMT, insomnia, forgetting, talking to self and freakishly calm at Christmas….reading your blog is like stepping into myself for a few minutes.
    Enjoyable as it is, perhaps not a good thing…between your brain (or hormones) and mine (definately hormones) I might explode.
    Thanks for the grounding….I’m not alone!

    • You’re never alone kezod! In fact I was thinking of changing my blog to exclusively pander to the reality of life for the over 35 female so that it reflects the state of mind and the everchanging requirement of different foodstuffs hidden away in a drawer. 🙂

  5. You’re a brave soul, with the diary thing. I’ve always found myself more perfectionistic in writing just for myself than for an actual audience, and attempted diaries have fallen by the wayside most years. The blog is the most I’ve written in a long, long time. Still, I guess words are your thing, so you’ve got more motivation. Huzzah.
    Wish I found random asparagus lying around in my joint. Hrrrmph.
    Oh and thanks for the apron-scanning offer! I was given a book of apron patterns by a friend a few months ago so I’m good for now, although the macrame-belt-skivvy-combo is sounding terribly alluring… so I’ll let you know if and when I’m in need of some 70s inspiration

  6. Great idea Alyson. I used to keep diaries and they really do bring so much detail back when you read them years later. I learnt a few things about how I had re-imagined some events and completely misunderstood others. It’s fascinating.

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