Blinky: The Love-Rat Rooster

We have two groups of chooks at our house.

There’s Blinky and his Missus, and their two teenagers…(one of them isn’t his, but he never noticed)

  They are a family of bantam Buff Pekins…oh and the black one is Blinky’s old…ahem…girlfriend…she’s just visiting.

And the other bunch of chooks are Amazonian, full size, brown egg laying girls….or should I say Grrrls.  Cos they don’t need a man, Man!

 See?  They live in the BIG run.  While Blinky and his Missus live in the Family run.

Blinky is a devoted and ferocious family man who cuddles up his woman, is protective of his teens to a distance of 10 metres, and sneaks up to attack my ankles if I’m hanging washing on the line and his offspring wander too close to me, which I’m sure they do just for laughs (Oooh!  Stop!  Gerroff!!)…

BUT the little blighter very recently did a runner on the Missus and the Teens.  You see, this Summer it has been incredibly hot here in Murrumbateman and I’d gotten into the habit of letting all the chooks free-range around the place so they could forage in the shady parts, and dustbathe to their hearts content, before being locked up at dusk.  Believe me, that sounds much more attractive if you are a chicken.  Anyhoo…one night recently after trying to rape and pillage the BIG Grrls, with little or no success other than an odd look…he decided he would woo them further by going home with them THAT NIGHT!

I didn’t notice that he’d snuck into their shed when I went to lock them up at 8.30pm, but when I went to let them out at 7 the next morning, THERE he was trying to tell the BIG Grrls to come and share some breakfast and pillaging with him.  They were just stepping over him with irritated looks on their faces, but he was not to be deterred!

I could not figure out why he’d done such a thing, and have been scratching my head about it three days later, until I just went to feed and console his little Missus, and found her sitting plumply, and scoldingly on a little, wee, chick.  I’ve told him he has a new baby and responsibility and he must give up on the hope of love with the BIG Grrls and go back to the family home with the Missus and the teenagers and I’ve locked him out of the BIG Grrls bedroom.  So far I’ve counted Blinky running 57 laps of the BIG Grrls run to see if there is a doorway he has missed.  And I’m pretty sure the BIG Grrls are smiling and sighing with relief.

There’s still another egg to be hatched and whether Blinky’s Missus takes him back or not remains to be seen.  Stay tuned.

Blinky, you Love-Rat Rooster you.  You’ve just committed the ultimate Love-Rat sin.  And you’re gonna pay.

 Boy, you’re gonna pay.

21 thoughts on “Blinky: The Love-Rat Rooster

  1. what a lovely and funny story and so appropriate for me at this time…oh and the photos are fab…

    I emailed you, thanks for the little treat sarahx

    • Hi Sarah, thankyou…actually my photos are quite crap compared to yours, because I always get the giggles when I’m trying to take the photos of the chooks.

      The Stepford Husband has taken a lovely photo of the chick, but he hasn’t managed to dowload it yet. I shall nag and see where it gets me.

  2. Blinky ALREADY has a live-in girlfriend at the homestead, and he wants to go after the Amazons? The nerve! Keep him away from the cockatoos, ’cause he seems to be wanting to take a walk on the wild side.

    Btw, what are the Grrls’ names?

    • The Grrls names are Nancy Wake, Henny Penny, Black Beauty, Coco Chanel and …I can’t remember the last one,,,all named by their previous owner. I call them all Grrl.

      Luckily Blinky’s ex-live in Girlfriend was just there for the photo shoot and has since moved on, she just wouldn’t stand for it at all…or she would heave a big sigh of relief…either way.

  3. Who knew chooks lived such risque lives? Gorgeous chooks and photos Alyson. Very funny too. I have a big smile on my face now.

  4. I am slowly easing myself back into blogland. Look at what I have missed !

    I am *very* into my chookies and their behaviour right now, so I loved this post, of course 🙂

    • The link didn’t work for me, unfortunately Trish – but yes…what chickens can teach us about life would surprise you and probably make you wet yourself laughing…or that might just be me.

  5. Popped back to hear any new chooky posts, but nothing – still I loved to look again. My 2 aras have gone into moult (best layers, so of course they are early, grr!) and we have a black feather snow globe in our yard 😉

    • Oh Rhu, I’ve got a new job with longer hours and legitimate use of my brain, so I’m evolving…and learning how to live with less sleep…the chook soap opera continues so I will write more, but for now zzzzzzzzzzz

  6. Thought you might like to know:

    On my way to the plaza — just a five-minute walk — this aft, I heard a rooster crowing. I’m sure it’s against city by-laws (the keeping of chickens, not crowing or walking or plazas) but I thought of you immediately and wanted to let you know.

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