It’s ohso quiet..



Of course, it’s only quiet on the blogfront, because I’m paddling like a mad duck under the water, or in my real world  and that’s because I have a new job with different hours and I am finding my feet all over again.

Also, I’m full of cliches lately and I really don’t want to do that to you.

Late last year I stood at the crossroads of my newly 40 year old life and decided I wanted to do something completely different.  Instead of the cooking/catering/canteen managing life I’ve been leading I decided I wanted MORE.  More fulfilling, more challenging, more mental – could I be more mental?  Don’t answer that.

And as a result I’m now working with students who have special needs in a local mainstream highschool.  And I am on the steepest learning curve that I can remember since I had my first baby.

It’s scary.  And wonderful.  It’s exciting.  And now I know all the tricks my kids could possibly pull on me.  HAH!

It also means I have to check my work email, which means I’m even more computer’ed out by the end of the day.  I’m somewhat of a technophobe, remember.  Ironic really, because I’ve also started writing articles for Suite 101, which is totally serious, third person and the complete opposite of how I instinctively write – so it’s a good balancer and a different way of thinking for me.

So, call me unreliable – but I aint going anywhere.  I still read y’all while the kids try to get out of doing their homework.  But then I go laugh at my chooks and play with the horse.  And then I sleep.  Sleep is good.

  Also, I’m still an idiot – but I’m quite a fulfilled one at the moment.

7 thoughts on “It’s ohso quiet..

  1. I thought you said you were Catholic, but it’s clear by the photo that you’ve been caught up in the Raptor.

    Your job sounds great. My life lately is, we pick up E.g.’s parents for choir practice, and they ask how E.g.’s day was, and she burbles on for ten minutes about meetings and protective clothing and deadlines and important people who have heard good things about her work just in case anything permanent comes along when this contract ends. Then E.g.’s parents ask me how my day was, and I chirp, “I moved rocks.”

    • Oh yeah, I’m totally Raptorous…and you know there’s nothing wrong with moving rocks – it means you get to use your head space exclusively for a while. Soon enough you’ll be renting that out to some well paying mob!

    • Hi Mate! It seems like a cliche doesn’t it, but 40 sneaks up on you and wham! BTW, My Jerusalem Artichokes are flowering and I haven’t forgotten that you’d like to try some!

      • Ah yeah, well if the thirties go as quickly as the twenties then I expect to be dodging a surprise party ooh… sometime next week.

        Hopefully I’ll have worked out ‘what-I-want-to-do-when-I-grow-up’.

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