7 thoughts on “Offspring: A Pome From the Fridge

  1. I read somewhere that peeking in someone else’s medicine cabinet reveals a lot about them. Fridge fronts might be just as enlightening, and certainly less intrusive.

    Now take a big spoonful of bran with your supper, and try to get a good quaff of sleep while the precocious ones go outside for a little spiderball.

  2. Ha! Your fridge looks like our fridge. We have the magnetic poetry going on, and also the free Yass realtor thingos which are only any use for sticking useful stuff like shopping lists to its surface.

  3. Don’t forget we also have the ‘redback on the toilet seat’ song, so that we can sing about our bities too. The ‘I don’t give a shit’ lady is a perfect fridge decoration. She has that great glazed expression very suited to kitchens.

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