How do You Solve a Problem Like Stepford Husband?

Stepford Husband, or SH for short, is not always reliable.  Breadwinner?  Yes.  Devoted husband and father?  Yes. Weekend Napper?  Yes.  Reliable?  Not so much.

Don’t send the guy outside looking for a handful of parsley is all I’m saying.

Middle son is a very different creature to SH.  So different in fact, that because of him and his….experimental nature…I have recently had to op-shop some cutlery, and go to Bunnings for some Marine Putty to mend a hole blown up in the bath.  Yes.  Blown. Up.  It was only a small hole – about the size of a small egg.  The people at Bunnings were a little surprised too.

Anyhoo, not being one to throw anything away – I discovered this on craft blog and went looking for the tutorial here.

It was very soothing bashing away at my bent spoons, as thoughts of my husband and son can-canned across my brain and LOOK!  Now SH has no excuse for walking in with a handful of grass, when I sent him out for parsley!

 This was my first go and I was a little cranky at the time over-enthusiastic with the bashing.  I got better. (Name that movie, and I’ll send you the spoon/herb marker of your choice! No promises though that it will be any better than this one!)

17 thoughts on “How do You Solve a Problem Like Stepford Husband?

    • Gillian, if I could get it out of him, I promise I’d pass it along. In fact he is still vague about the fact that it happened while he was in the house at all! I suspect he was inventing a smoke bomb with a ping pong ball (whole ‘nother story) and perhaps used some spray deodorant to hurry things along and then threw the flaming lot into the bath in a panic. Eventually he may have realised that he still needed to add water to stop impending doom. Result: three inch melted hole!

  1. Subject of next lesson: curly leaf vs Italian.

    Good on ya for getting the stuff to grow! Every time I fancy a bit, it’s either withered up or all gone to seed. Really should venture down there a bit more regular loike! Apparently the stuff is chocka full of vitamins! And if I could get the dog to chew a bit it would apparently fix the fish breath.

    • Let it go to seed, I say Stace – that’s how I end up with so much of it. Once it has naturalised in your yard you may find you have a year round supply!

  2. He blew up the bath! That is momentous. My brother used to destroy various things in his childhood but never achieved a bath demolition! Wow.
    Your spoons are excellent, love the typography. It works so well. And the movie is…nup, don’t know. You will have to tell us someday.

  3. Peasant: She turned me into a newt???
    Sir Bedeveir (I think it was): A newt???
    Peasant: I got better…

    Good idea with the spoons, I have a similar problem with my wifes herb garden, at least my veggies are more recognisable, you just can’t mistake a tomato for a carrot

    • Well done Tony! Would you like a couple of spoons for your wife’s herb garden? Go ask her which ones most need a marker and email me your address! Python rules!

      And as for the carrot/tomato situation – I’m fairly sure Stepford Husband would pull a tomato bush up thinking there might be carrots if they were in the same area! Yep! He’s that bad!

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