11 am, on the ferry to Darling Harbour, the woman seated behind us with her sister and combined clutch of 6 kids: Jaiden, Brayden, Aiden, Taylah, Tenae and Kurt.

The kids (mostly at the same time):
 “Mum,what are we gonna have for lunch?”
“Mum, when are we goin’ to the ‘quarium?”
“Mu-um, I want chips for lunch!”
“Mu-um when are we gettin’ off the fairy?”
“Mu-um, what are we gonna do after lunch?”
“Mu-u-um, I want chips!”
“Mu-u-um, what are we gonna do tomorrow?”
“Mu-u-um, what are we gonna have for dinner?”
“MUM!  We never get to go anywhere!”
“MUM!  Why can’t we go to Luna Park instead of the ‘quarium?”
“I’m hungry, I WANT CHIPS MUM!”
Mu-u-um, when are we gonna get there?”

The Mum:
“For Chroist’s Sake!!  EMBRACE THE MOMENT!!!!!!”

12 thoughts on “Overheard…

    • They may well have been their names – but in fact I plucked them from the air (though I’m pretty sure there was a Jaiden in there, let me think….”For Gawd’s Sake, I don’t KNOW, Jaiden!!”…yep, pretty sure that’s right!

      • Tibetan Buddhism. The last word is usually “hum”, not “mum”. It means something like “The jewel is in the lotus”. It’s just a chant line to keep one focussed and in the present, or in other words, to “embrace the moment”.

        The translation also sounds kinda kinky if you’re somewhat dirty minded, which apparently I must be. Whatever keeps a monk’s attention, I guess.

        Maybe all those kids are a product of too much meditation.

        I’ve never watched either decade’s version of Dr Who.

  1. I love the Mum’s response!

    And as a kid I thought the Picton Ferry was the Picton Fairy. (Disappointment swiftly followed, though I’m pleased to report I’ve never ridden a fairy.)

    We are kid free this week. Truly, honestly, there is nothing more annoying than being out ‘as a couple’ (for the first time in two years), going out to eat (or whatever) and finding yourself sat next to someone else’s whining kids.

    Or perhaps I am simply intolerant.

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