11 thoughts on “Autumn Afternoon

  1. A few miles in the distance to your north-east, one of our three hyacinths fell over, so I picked it 30 minutes ago and put it in a vase and it’s starting to scent the living room. Sending purple hyacinth aromas your way.

  2. I remember back in the old days when nearly everyone had chooks. I think when I was a kid my parents were one of the few oddballs that didn’t

  3. Gorgeous photos, Alyson. He is a handsome fellow. Perhaps he is nostalgic for the time when chickens ruled the world.

    I know what you mean about the light. Everything takes on a golden, late afternoon hue. It is only a colour shift away from sepia and that maybe part of the sense of wistfulness / timelessness.

    • He is so old, he can probably remember when chooks ruled the earth LiD! I think you are spot on about the sepia wash of light and the feelings it evokes, you know me so well.

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