30 Reasons to Love Winter

While I sit in Mid-Winter here in Australia, the blogs I read keep talking about the lovely hot weather they are having in their Northern Hemisphere summers.  Sigh.  And because of my contrary nature, I yearn for what I don’t have.  Pink of Perfection’s Sarah makes me yearn.  In Aussie Summer, she writes a list of Winter wonderfulness that leaves me longing for the cooler clime, and then in the middle of our coldest season she has me desiring the steamy summer sidewalks of New York.

Thus my inspiration.  It’s important to find the joy in the moment, and the moment is coldish and puddley.

1.  Hot chocolate, hot mocha and great tea.

2.  Finding hand crocheted lap rugs in the local thrift shop.

3.  Wearing wonderful chunky knits.

4.  Layers – in clothes, cakes and pasta dishes.

5.  Seeing the snow on the Brindabella Mountains from my kitchen window.

6.  The frosty paddocks around our house that look like snow if you squint your eyes.

7.   The crazed ice surface on the water of the horses trough.

8.   Scarves: making them, wearing them, finding them in Vinnies, it’s all good.

9.   Sitting in front of the fire listening to music and drinking a scotch and soda.

10.  The smell of orange peel on the fire.

11.  Finding your favorite but forgotten gloves in the pocket of your winter coat.

12.  Slipping your Uggies on as soon as you walk in the door.

13.  Bare root fruit trees and roses.

14.  Sweaty gardening work in light drizzle.

15.  Regular rain on the tin roof.

16.  Finding my electric blanket on and waiting for me, after I’ve driven in from town late at night. Mmmmmmmm.

17.  The promise of bulbs peeking through the soil.

18.  Reading inside with the howl of the wind beyond the window.

19.  Hot bubble baths.

20.  The thick velvety winter coat on my horse.

21.  The repressing silence of heavy fog.

22.  The waft of meaty, savoury food cooking in the slow cooker.

23.  The crisp clearness of a wintery blue sky on a sunny day.

24.  Heating the house up with baking.

25.  The color grey…wearing it, watching it outside, with all its different hues and shades.

26.  Guilt free early dinners and bedtimes.

27.  Enforced indoor weather.

28.  Justifying a little extra weight.

29.  OK, I’ll admit it…Cuddling for warmth.

30.  Mulled wine and any occasion that calls for it.

4 thoughts on “30 Reasons to Love Winter

  1. 🙂 Yes. And I have to remember that having seasons is a wonderful thing. In Central Australia there were only two seasons really and I missed the changes terribly.

  2. Hello from Adelaide, that was just a warm and toasty list. I lived in Seattle for a couple of years, dreaded winter but can’t complain about the winter in South Australia though. You have a lovely hom, it reminds me of ranch in US. And what a gorgeous horse!

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