The Coffee Experiment

My husband used to be a coffee addict.  Seriously.  On weekends, I would wonder why I was running around like a blue arsed fly, and then I realised that when at home SH makes a hot drink every forty minutes from the time he wakes up, until 5pm.  He also used to have migraines.  On the advice of our chiropractor, he gave up the coffee and changed to tea and *bing* headaches gone (after a week of incredibly crabby moods – a small price to pay).  I didn’t mind because, you know, I’m incredibly easy going.  It’s not the same as lazy, I swear.

Anyhoo, when he occasionally did make a coffee, it was with some ancient decaf grounds he keeps in the cupboard, using the equally ancient french press.  He called it a proper coffee, and it always sounded like a good idea at the time: “Sweetness, would you like a proper coffee?”  But in actual fact, it tasted like caramalised mud to me – with chalk dust sediment.  Blechhhh.  But I’m a slow learner, and I have been drinking it for years, rarely remembering to say “No thanks my Love; I would rather pull my arm hairs out one by one, than have a cup of that liquid manure you call coffee.” 

So, although I quite like a wake-up cup from time to time, I only really have coffee when I can buy it from a place that makes it properly. 

Until today.

Almost every time I go into a thrift shop, I see a coffee pot like the one above and although they always pique my interest I have assumed that I’m not enough of a coffee drinker to justify the purchase.  Small miracle, really because I have in the past justified buying many, many, many strange things from thrift stores and one day I’m going to have the garage sale to prove it.  And then recently my cousin gave me one she found in a cupboard during a clear out.  It has sat decoratively on my stovetop until these school holidays when I had a clearout, and decided to find a Youtube vid and figure how to use the bloody thing.  I got vac-sealed coffee at the local, came home and made it.

Oh my.

My Moka pot holds 1 1/2 cups of water…which I guess would be 3 – 4 espressos.  I drink milk based coffee, so I halved the resulting coffee into two cups, topped them with hot water, added milk and sugar (I think this is called Cafe Americano), and it was delicious.  Delicioso!  Better even, dare I say, than the coffee I have been buying!  Plus, the house smells good.  My daughter was pretty impressed with how clever I seemed, it was all good.  I wish I’d done this years ago!

Now poor SH’s  (who is in San Diego at the moment and hasn’t had the pleasure of trying the results nor seeing me buzz around as supercharged as a supercharged thing) cruddy French pressed coffee will be banished, and not a moment too soon.  YAY for not have another machine to switch on at the power point – I feel all domesticcy goddesslike and strangely alert and zippy.  Imagine, this may be all I needed to stop being such a bad housewife!

Of course the trick now will be to prevent myself from buying every stovetop coffee pot that I see when I go op-shopping!

My freshly brewed tips to use a Moka Pot:

*  Look at how to videos like this one, ooh and this one.
*  Don’t buy a brand new pot – find one second hand and worn in.
*  Whether it is brand new or second hand, have a few practice runs with water only, or water and old coffee grounds to get the hang of it and to get rid of the brand new/ previously owned coffee pot karma.
*  Use water from your kettle to fill, instead of cold tap water.
*  Don’t put it in the dishwasher.
*   Once you’ve got the hang of using it, just rinse the inside, only scrub the outside.
*  Don’t overfill either the water past the valve, or the coffee – it doesn’t need to be tamped down like a coffee machine.
*  Use medium/high heat on the stove.
*  Try to take it off before it gurgles – when the coffee is 1/2 to 3/4 flowed through (obviously by a bloody good guess or by trial and error).

Let me know any of your successful recipes or experiments!

5 thoughts on “The Coffee Experiment

  1. Hot tip: Never leave your coffee bubbling away on the stove to go and fold the laundry at the other end of the house. The smell of burnt coffee will linger for days, and your pot won’t recover.

  2. Good list, ESPECIALLY THE ONE ABOUT DISHWASHERS. The thing is made of aluminum, we discovered after the one time we dishwashered ours.

    We love our little pot! We’ve even taken it on camping trips; it does a fine job on a camping stove, and is so small and tuckable. Nice to know you’ve discovered one.

    PS It works fine with ground decaf, too. 🙂

  3. That would be nice to take camping LB, a little glamping treat! I’m thinking SH’s ancient decaf grounds could be the other part of what makes his coffee so revolting, so I’m not going to encourage that! 🙂

    Trish, for once, I’ve committed myself to standing at the stove literally watching the pot boil…after I’ve drunk the coffee I can fold laundry in three minutes flat!

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