Food Tragic

I am a foodie.

I have worked for five years in the food industry, I have a cookbook collection that is out of control and I have plans to get a bookshelf made to hold them that is 8 feet wide and 10 feet tall (when I am a wealthy woman).  They will all fit on it too and leave little space for any other books.  Christmas is my favourite time of year because of all the food and eating.  I try to lose weight prior to Christmas so that I don’t have to feel bad about what I’m about to put on.  Although I love my chooks and ducks, I will never be a vegetarian.  I grow food, I think of food all day and sometimes I dream of eating amazing things that I miss when I wake up.  I have travelled internationally to eat – and I always research the food of places I travel to and base where I go and what I do around food whenever possible….even for a roadtrip.  I plan dinner at breakfast…while I’m eating.

My favourite food?


Toast and stuff on toast.

When I cook a nice dinner, at the back of my mind I’m wondering how it will be on toast the next day.  When other people turn to pasta for comfort – I like toast.  I like the pop of multigrain bread in the toaster, then smeared with butter and peanut butter.  Slicing thick slices from a whole white loaf, toasting it and spreading it with butter and a tiny bit of vegemite, makes me feel cosy.  Dry toast is torture.  Tinned sardines with tomato sauce and a dash of tabasco is a guilty pleasure.  And while Toad in the Hole (fried bread with an egg in the middle ) is in my toast category, French Toast is most definitely not.

A friend at work suggested that I should probably consider getting rid of bread from my diet in order to reduce my carbs and live better and healthier.


I just can’t picture it.

I don’t want to.

It’s sad but it’s true. I love toast and you can’t make me stop.


3 thoughts on “Food Tragic

  1. Yep, toast is it! — although a big pile of buttery garlic mashies ranks a close second.

    Toast with peanut butter, with or without jam; with blackstrap molasses, with or without peanut butter; with honey; with marmalade; with Marmite (can’t get vegemite here). Cheesebites (toast with cheese under the broiler). Toast to accompany soup, stew, or chili. Toasted bacon-and-fried-egg sandwiches. Toad-in-the-hole. Toast cut in strips and dipped in maple syrup.

    Re: travel: you must have been in your glory when you visited New York City! I’ve never been, but I imagine that the street food alone could merit a week of research. 😀

  2. LB, New York was great…but New Orleans, oh man, that place is my food heaven! Best fried chicken I ever had – I still dream of it and that was just some little diner…it was amazing!

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