One week – Awwwww. We think they are (from left to right) a Swedish Blue (yellow), a Swedish Blue (Grey), and an Indian Runner Duck (Brown).


Looking very much like a Swedish Blue Indian Runner Duck at this stage!  3 weeks old – learning to swim in the spa-bath.

At 6 weeks – they are outside in their run (Thank Goodness!  Ducklings are messy and and a bit too smelly for close quarters!) and to see them clowning around in the dug-in laundry sink is charming in its silliness.



3 thoughts on “Duck!

  1. They’re beautiful! I can’t decide what I like best about them — the lanky uprightness of the Runner Duck, so different from common ducks around here, or their placid smiles, or the colour differences in their bills and feet and feathers…what fun!

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