Chooks in the City

A year ago, a lovely lady from the ACT Open Garden Scheme asked if I would be interested in running a workshop for people wanting to start chooks in their city gardens, and I said ‘Sure’.

I’m a very easy-going person.

Now, it’s less than a month away – and I’m feeling less easy-going.

And I think my stomache has started to eat itself.

Then, yesterday I got two phonecalls about doing radio interviews, and I said ‘Sure’.

So, at 8.30am on Saturday I shall be speaking (I hope – not stuttering, or ummmmm-ing) to Graeme on ABC 666 and then at around 8am on Sunday I shall be interviewed on Radio 2cc.

I have to remember the details for the Open Garden Scheme, I have to remember what I wrote in my book (it’s only 6 years after I wrote the bloody thing but you know me…), I have to remember my name and not to swear or yell at the kids while I’m talking on the phone.  That is going to be hard – old habits and all that.

So, if you could send me a little luck and a mental slap on the back, or even some anti-nausea tablets, I would greatly appreciate it.



EDIT 18/2/2011:  Anyone on Facebook can find the ‘Chooks in the City’ page for queries or general chook-yack!  I love to hear your stories!

20 thoughts on “Luck!

  1. heehee, I saw the add for your workshop and a HUGE photo in the Bungendore Mirror! If you forget the recipe for your awesome egg custard, just phone me because I know it off by heart.

    Good luck Allyson – you will be fine. just breath and be you, and who gives a rats arse if a few swearies pop out.

    • No way! A photo!! Probably good that I didn’t see it 🙂

      Thankyou Ducky for all your support comments over the last few and it’s good to know that that Custard recipe is getting a workout!

  2. Rats. It’s bedtime Saturday night here, which probably means you’re being interviewed at this very moment. Sending vibes across the Atlantic Ocean, down around the Cape of Good Hope, over the Pacific Ocean, overland past Karratha, Uluru, and Flinders Ranges, to the radio studio… Om mani padme chook…

  3. No pressure, but I am now booked in to the Sunday session (missed out on the Sat one, so glad you were in demand) AND I am expecting big things!! No, not expecting anything really, just to learn something about chickens before I actually get some & have no idea what to do with them. Which is a bit like when I had kids, really, and so far, so good with them!!

  4. Thanks Guys – you are the collective best! 😉

    Well, Dixiebelle, I am endeavouring to make sure everyone gets their moneys worth…and that you all fall in love with the silly things!

  5. I am butting in again – just ‘cos I can.

    IT ARRIVED! Thank you times 10000, Al, so much. Just plugged you again over on my blog and on twitter – and please let me know how to pay you! xx

  6. Hi Alyson

    Just a quick good luck for the weekend!!!! Sorry, I won’t be there having got you into it in the first place….You will do great and they will all love you, just be yourself and know that is what they are there for. Two sessions – well done.

    And, have FUN!

    Thanks heaps.

    • ThankYOU Alison for everything…I’m just jotting down some last minute notes now.

      I almost forgot that I should have fun with this, because I have gotten myself so jelly-bellied over it – but you are right, and I will!

      Hope to catch you around still!

  7. Thanks for the great chook session.

    Inspired afterward I immediately built a chook house and run and 3 lovely chooks have been enjoying their new home for a week now. Dog keeps following me around though with that “Can i have one… ok just a bit of one then??”” look on his face.

    Thanks again.

    • Thanks Michael, it’s fantastic to hear that I was able to pass on some useful info! But I am even more thrilled to hear that you built your run, chook house and got it all going! Fantastic! Poor Dog – lol!

      Anytime I can help or even f you just want to let me know how it’s all progressing – please get in touch, won’t you!


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