Life is crazy isn’t it?  I have not had time to scratch myself yet this year, and I’m getting very itchy…

I have blog posts to write about ducks and digging duckponds, chicken talks and talking chickens but I’ve promised myself this year to do things well – not to do things in a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants-oh-crikey RUSH.  And you might know this about me – but I find it really hard to break the habits of my lifetime!

In the meantime, I have written a blog-post for writer Gillian Polack for Women’s History Month. Please go see it!

And I promise I’m not sitting around on my laurels!



Watch the gate! My son's first driving lesson...

4 thoughts on “Scratch!

  1. His first? Then who warped it previously???

    Good to hear from you again. I was out this aft measuring the driveway in view of landscaping it, so I’d love to hear your tale of the new avian swimming pool.

    And your chicken talks. Did you know they’re starting to test suburban hen ownership in New Brunswick? Just a few permits will be allowed as a start, but I’m patient; I already have an excellent manual! 😀

  2. HI Alison, I see you are a fellow chook afficianado! Your gate photo made me laugh. My son had his first driving lesson on the weekend on a friends farm. My poor husband nearly had a heart attack when he almost took out the gate post.

    • Hi Deb! Yes, I was a little jet-lagged on this day – luckily! I just said “Don’t worry about it – at least you didn’t hit the gate post!” but the next morning I went and had a look…OOOPS! A great neighbour was only too happy to fix it for us with a chain and his four-wheel drive – just like a big kid!

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