Veranda sucka!

I wanted a house with a wrap-around veranda for, LIKE, ever!  So old fashioned, so cute, so Australian country.

But you know what no-one ever tells you about wrap-around verandas?

The price you pay is…(sob)…


The price you pay is….


No sunny spots to curl up in, inside.


Which is fine in the thick of Summer, when it is pleasant to lie on the cool tiles for 5 seconds until they are also uncomfortably warm and clammy and you have to roll yourself down the hall because the kids won’t share their cold tiles – but in (droughty) Winter when it is beautifully blue skies and sunshine, but actually minus 2 degrees without the windchill.  Ick.  It’s cold and dark but you feel bad for turning your back to the window and facing the fire. (Until it gets dark and you have a few wines, but you can’t do that at 10 in the morning, apparently..)

As a kid and living in rentals later on in my teens and twenties, I recall lying in windows with a good book or a crap magazine (confusingly, equally good) solar charging and staring absently at the dust motes floating through the air (Housework, shmousework!)for hours.  Maybe even days.

At the time I didn’t think of how splendid these moments were.  But now…I live in a beautiful part of the world and I’m entirely sun-protected, dammit, and my batteries are running low!  I know I’m whingeing…(Whinging?) whining…about something somewhat obscure, but truly – even though this will be the house I live in until I’m carried out in a box – if you are looking for a sunny house to buy, you need to know…if you find one with wrap around verandas, be aware there won’t be any sit-in-the-sunny-spot spots to lie in for more than a few minutes.

I’m just saying.



3 thoughts on “Veranda sucka!

  1. Hi Al. I promised I’d let you know what I’d been up to and here it is! I hear you girl. One of the big reasons for this project was to get some light in the house – a house full of lights on in the middle of the day is a very sad affair. The verandas are great in summer but wouldn’t you love to curl up with a book in a sunny spot……

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