Sick Ducks!

Last night the ducks were hard to round up.  Within a matter of hours they’d gone from noisy, flat footed clowns sticking their beaks into everything I overturned whilst I gardened nearby to a bunch of soggy quackers.  Lethargic, clumsy and, most frightening of all, quiet.  They’re all in various stages of unwellness: Gilbert (white Indian Runner) is simply quiet, Indy (brown Indian Runner) is upright but slow moving and dull eyed, and naturally my most favorite, Gandalf (the grey – Swedish Blue) is dragging herself around only when she absolutely has to – otherwise she is sitting down – quietly.

There is nothing sadder than a sick duck – they lose all their silliness.  My only consolation at this stage is that last night it was Gilbert who was stumbling and sitting whilst the other two were upright and dazed – so maybe it’s something that just needs to be worked through their system.

I have consulted my Oracles and come up with a few possibilities:

  • they have discovered the many snails nestled in the many rhubarb plants and have inadvertantly eaten some of the toxic leaves;
  • they have drunk some stagnant water – ducks are very susceptible to bacteria and mould and we have had a lot of wind and rain – so lots of little buckets and pots have green water;
  • worst case scenario – they have had contact somehow with one of the termite baits (yes, the fun doesn’t stop here at Fivehills – our wood house in the country has termites – YAY).

I have done all the things I know to do – lots of clean water with big slurps of apple cider vinegar, fresh tempting food, and charcoal sprinkled around the yard – but I am always open to any ideas.  I have also made the kids walk around emptying any and all water holding containers – many more than I thought, so now it is just a waiting game.

Luckily, it’s a public holiday so I can just sit around and check on them – I’m even going to forgo the housework just so I can keep an eye on my poor, poor peeps.  See how I did that?  No housework.




3 thoughts on “Sick Ducks!

  1. Hey Ducky and Al, they seem to be recovering slowly – lucky it’s the school holidays as they’re getting lots of love and attention!

    Thanks Alison, I changed the look when I had raging insomnia the other night – and it was so easy! I highly recommend making a pot of tea and sitting down to do it at your leisure – not shivering over the ‘puter in the middle of the night, though!

    Oh, and do get some Indian Runners – they are so lovely…although the Swedish Blue are friendlier!

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