Duck Update

(…makes me think of “Rock Lobster” everytime I say it!)

The ducks are on the improve!  Yay!

Sorry about the photos – it is very early morning and the sun came galloping over the hill (to check on the ducks, I’m sure!) and I still had half awake eyes and my pj’s on.

Gilbert, was the first to go down and has been the first to recover – she is doing well and keeping an eye on everyone, Bless her.  She really is like a nurse in her white clobber; I actually saw her come up behind Gandalf, who was in her usual squat position and give her a nudge, moving her towards the fresh pond.  And it worked!

Gandalf the Grey is quacking again: she’s not 100% with either her vocalising or her wellness.  She limps quite terribly still, but she has her appetite back, and her eye (seen in this photo) which had gone white and scary looking, is back to normal.  This indicates the more likely possibility that it was stagnant water that made them all sick, as immersing her head gave her an eye infection to boot.

Indie is the one I’m most worried about.  She was never particularly sick looking – she just looked dazed and confused.  But three days later and she still looks dazed and confused and what’s worse she walks like, well, a duck.  She’s an Indian Runner: she should walk like a bottle of wine (Mmmm bottle of wine).  We are all keeping a close eye on her and finding the most tempting tidbits to give her.

We’ve been very lucky really because all of this has fallen in school holidays, so we’ve all been able to be very attentive.  Youngest child has been diligent in lifting the ducks into the pond and then lifting them back out again, so they don’t have to use their poor wee legs.  And we’ve all been taking out the tastiest left over cereal, yogurt and hardboiled egg scraps and feeding them tenderly.  Which makes me think maybe ducks aren’t silly at all – maybe they know a good thing when they’re onto it…

One thought on “Duck Update

  1. Yay, thanks for the update. I’ve been worrying away about them. I am disgusted with my neglect of our various feathered friends – those muscovys just keep on going. I know I’m a traitor but I want pretty ducks and I want to trade them in…the good news, snails are definately under control and I have delphiniums. The silver lining. Keep on updating – it’s so lovely to have you back in the blogosphere.

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