Now or Never!

Procrastination is not my friend – but, by jingies, he knows me well!

I live in a state of unbalanced, organised chaos most of the time. If things proceed in a linear way – it is always a happy accident. The paradox that is my life, is that although I procrastinate continuously – it is often because I’m champing at the bit to do stupid things as immediately as possible, if not before then. Get it? No? Shocker.

An example would be…I procrastinate about downloading photos off my camera – a 5 minute job BUT after seeing a picture of Cindy Crawford’s kitchen I HAD to find a bamboo blind and shelves for my own kitchen, and I couldn’t get bamboo blinds, so instead of waiting, I bought the matchstick blind charged home and then tormented SH to put them up for me ASAP. I’m still painting the shelves because instead of waiting for the Spring weather to get here (seriously – when???) I’ve painted a number of coats in the cold weather so it hasn’t dried properly and gotten all gummed up when I impatiently slapped on the next coat. Alot of my painted furniture is like that – thank god for shabby chic!

I procrastinate about decluttering the bookshelves, but if I find spray paint – I will stalk the house to find something to use it on (Kids, Hide! Your mother’s found the spray paint again!).

I procrastinate about writing but I have to read a magazine in one sitting as near to the time that I purchased it as I can.

I loved NaNoWriMo when i did it two years ago – I got the 50,000 words done, no problem and even produced a story that could be good with some work….but I haven’t looked at it since it went in “the drawer” two years ago.

I procrastinate about weeding but as soon as my Silverbeet leaves are large enough they’re picked for dinner…actually that’s just sensible, because if I leave them a day later the chooks notice them and they will Harry Houdini themselves to get in that patch.

When I’m home on the weekend, breakfast TIME and lunch TIME are very loose affairs – but if I find a recipe (like in the aforementioned magazine) that I like, I have to make it NOW NOW NOW.

I procrastinate about making phone-calls but I have to answer the phone as soon as it rings (OCD anyone?).

My name is Alyson and I am an Impatient Procrastinator and it drives me and my family crazy. Just ask my husband.

Any and all advice welcome.

Before: Brass Candelabra

After: Oil Rubbed Bronze (Rustoleum) – you can come out now, Kids!

3 thoughts on “Now or Never!

  1. You’ve been watching me haven’t you? I think we are all good at this. Maybe it’s a form of self-preservation, a bit of time in a busy world. Or maybe we are just really really good at procrastination. I loved your piece in the Australian – you have a gift. Go forth and use it!

    • You know, I’m just relieved to discover it’s not just me (and with you I am in the best company) – ‘self preservation’ – yeah that totally makes sense, I’m gonna go with that ๐Ÿ™‚

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