Shiny New Year

Recently I discovered another way of getting around me…getting around myself….getting around…whatever.  And it is not to bite off great big procrastinating chunks but take little nibbles of things, baby steps.  Instead of trying to get the entire house in order, I’m going to declutter for 15 minutes in one room.  Instead of attempting some stupid mega-health kick diet – I’m going to do a little 4 day sugar detox (Thank God, because Day 2 has already made me cranky as shit!).  Instead of drinking the whole bottle of wine…well, I’m sure you get the jist.

My blog stats for 2011 tell me I wrote 13 posts.  13.  13 is my lucky number, but it is not a good number of posts for any kind of blog.  And seeing as I’ve only just figured out that I can magically send photos to my blog with my stupid i-phone, and seeing as I can’t sit and write at the computer without the world collapsing (insert phone ringing, “MUM!!”, “DARL!!”, “WOOF!!”), then this may be my perfect antidote.

As mentioned by my daily read, Sarah’s Beach Cottage and instigated by the lovely Chantelle.

In fact, I’ve this morning already had two test runs to catch up. I’m no photographer – but I’m honest.

And this is not just for Bloggers, you can Facebook, Twatter (whatever), Instagram etc.  Join me, won’t you?

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