It is very near snowing in Murrumbateman right now, bloody miserable and my Favorite weather for sitting by the fire and looking through cookbooks. What I want to do (after a morning of Pinterest and various interweb browsing) is make candles, create pretty sitting areas, read (more), and re-invent some of my old costume jewellery. What I NEED to do is dust, vacuum, go and borrow the neighbours star picket puller-upperer and make a star picket/polytubing/birdnetting roof for the duck compound so that Phil (above) will stop popping out. Poop.


Update:  What I ACTUALLY did was cleaned, decluttered, moved furniture around, filed all my CDs, put up pictures I’ve been belly aching about for nearly a year, took a bunch of boxes to the tip (where I found a fab old nursery plant stand – it’s rusty and everything 🙂 and I got it for zip!), and made a beautiful beef stew that is making the whole family make hungry noises.

I have the best of intentions, it’s just that I get distracted by whatever …. ooh, garlic bread will be nice with that stew!!


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