The Much Maligned Rooster


Roosters get bad press.  One of the reasons why I started writing “Chooks” was the surprising number of questions I got about chicken ownership in the suburbs and particularly how I managed to keep them without getting in trouble for the crowing.  I didn’t have roosters when I lived in the suburbs, because it isn’t necessary to have a rooster in order to get eggs.  This fact surprises people still.

However roosters aren’t necessarily the pests everyone thinks they are: they certainly come with a pros and cons list.  Roosters fertilise eggs. They keep order in their flock and protect their harem (whether the girls need it or not) even when they look unbelievably silly whilst doing so.  They are the epitome of masculinity.

There are some people in the suburbs that appreciate the role roosters play and they keep them quite successfully: their neighbors may be more forgiving of the crowing, some people make the effort of catching their roosters (lets face it they are generally pets anyway and quite tame) every night and locking them in a shed or smaller cage inside so their crowing is muffled or muted.  I’ve also heard it said that roosters have to stretch their heads and necks out to crow, so putting the rooster into a cat crate makes it tricky and puts them off – I don’t know how kind that is – why bother keeping the rooster at all if you have to go to so much trouble to stop him doing what comes habitually and naturally?

Sadly, it’s not just the suburbs where people get cranky…some years ago there was a neighbor dispute nearby…the one family made a complaint to council about their next-door neighbors’ rooster being too noisy…but each family lived on 5 acre blocks!  Council sent a guy out to take readings but the readings came to naught because the complainants dogs barked so much, the council couldn’t get any reading on the wicked rooster at all. C’est la vie.

Sadly, the biggest reason why chickens are illegal in some townships is because of the perceived noise they make.  As for me – a rooster crow can enter my awareness in the morning, but it doesn’t wake me- it reassures me.  If I don’t hear the rooster I know something is terribly wrong; past experience would tell me it’s probably a fox.  In fact that is one of the reasons I don’t sleep well at other people’s houses (and go right out of my way to drive home after a night out, so that I can sleep in my own bed) – the lack of a rooster crowing wakes me too early!

So here is a little Pros/Cons List:


Roosters crow.

Roosters can get a bit overenthusiastic (or even downright aggressive) with their testosterone and their perception of what is a threat to their girls.  As Ruby Thewes says “I despise a flogging rooster”…and there is no reason to keep one.

Having said that, my Araucana bantam rooster who is a real sweetie, has had a go at both my son and my husband.  He left a spur in my boy’s leg, that worked it’s way out fascinatingly disgustingly, three weeks later…  BUT…the reason (I believe he did that) was because I was away both times and both times the boys had not noticed that over the weekend the chooks’ water had dried up.  I think it was the only way he had to tell them that a third day without water was NOT acceptable.  Bless.

In my experience, if you have a young rooster who decides to try and be the boss, you need to remind him that you are in charge and the best way is NOT kicking or throwing things at him, but by humiliating him by catching and cuddling him until he coos despite himself.  If it continues to be a battle of the wills, he needs to go.


Roosters will fertilize eggs which creates a perpetual flock.

A rooster’s whole reason for life is to protect his girls.  To that end we had a much loved Silky rooster who broke his neck protecting his hens.

Roosters sort out the in-house fighting and maintain peace in the flock.  Their silly strutting and bossiness makes the hens fall about laughing and breaks the tension, I reckon.

Roosters are a perfect country wake-up call.

Living in the country now, I could not be without a rooster to preserve my sense that there is another set of eyes out there looking over things and letting me know that all is right in our world as the day starts, even while I still snooze.


2 thoughts on “The Much Maligned Rooster

  1. After our (several) beep beep beep fox visits in the past year, the thing I have missed the most is the early morning rooster calls. If you get any aracuana hens can I please please please please (notice begging) have one? I can;’t help but think given the price of hens these days that I should invest in an incubator…

    I really admired your Why Laugh post which I read last week. I didn’t want to leave a flippant comment at the time, but know that I hear you girl! I know your busy but if you want to come and look at the weeds and imagine how it will all look when I get off my butt, just yell.

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