Chooks Are Gross (or why I like living on acreage)

Our youngest had an enormous chunky chunder in the chilly wee hours of the morning, and it was a beauty.  SH snored soundly while I removed doonas, doona covers, sheets, pillow cases, pillow protectors, pillows, mattress protectors, electric blankets, Dunlop Volleys (what the…?), and a rug (OH yes…it was a beauty!) and chucked it with all it’s chunky grossness (this child doesn’t chew!) out the back door to be dealt with once the sun rose.  I LOVE living with a nice bit of space and where the people know I’m quite crazy and don’t blink twice if I throw an entire bedroom onto the frosty grass in the middle of the night.

By the time I was done getting the sick child settled on the lounge, cleaning the spew, washing my hands 72 times and stokeing the fire – the new chooks out the back were making antsy noises, so I let them out to free-range early and went back to my electric blanket to thaw my frozen toes.

Fast forward to 9am, when I went out to the pile of chunky bedding on the back grass, to find it decidedly…unchunky.  And three very interested hens hoping I might shake out another tasty chunk or two…


Fresh eggs for brekky anyone?




12 thoughts on “Chooks Are Gross (or why I like living on acreage)

  1. Ha! My golden would have done the same, only you would have been left with frozen slobber encrusted bedding instead! Once again your chooks have shown their ultimate recycling capabilities.

  2. truly gross. but kind of wonderful as well. yay for chickens.

    I remember I did a massive upchuck in the backyard one night….which was instantly inhaled by my german shepherd. Now that was gross too. And if I hadnt already thrown up everything in my tummy, I would have thrown up everything in my tummy. Which is probably what she was hoping. But she thought it was awesome……

    • Smart girl cutting out the middle man and going straight to the backyard! This gave SH the impetus he needed to buy a new bed and mattress for Miss 11 (Yikes!) though there was seriously no going back…I could have used those girls inside too!

  3. Nummie Num chookies… Must remember to come and borrow those girls if it ever happens like that here – I HATE cleaning chunder out the of the washing machine… Having spent many years just throwing chunky linen into hospital linen skips to be dealt with by some saint in the the laundry, it came as quite a shock the first time I realised you actually had to get it off BEFORE the washing machine dealt with it.
    Anyway it reminds me of the night I got out of bed to tend to a bucket – catch up chucking child, only to tread in cat poo on the way back to bed – it went between my toes… and it was still warm…

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