Living in a Large Space

Kayfa Kitty

Thank the Baby Cheeses that we live where we do; 5 acres is nothing to smirk at…we can see the glowy lights of our neighbours through the trees, but unlike when we lived in the city, we can’t see them through the window sitting at their table eating their burnt chops and lumpy mash.  And, happily, unlike in the city – they can’t see us through their window in our next-to-nothings unless we happen to make a break for the clothesline early in the morning.  I do try to keep that to a minimum.

But, see, 5 acres seems to be magic.  Out here things tend to disappear into thin air.  Clothes disappear after mini tornadoes rip past the clothesline.  Electricity disappears with one good crack of lightning.  Great fat chickens sometimes disappear leaving nary a feather.  And food disappears from my pantry at a fascinating rate of knots.  Weird weather, foxes and teenagers growing on fresh air and hormones can all be blamed for those types of losses to some degree or other.  After having a really good look around (No, kids, not a BOY look around) we sometimes just shrug our shoulders, scratch our heads, pick our noses and accept that the thing in question is GONE.  It doesn’t pay to overthink it – it’s farmlife.  Bonus if it comes back (especially the electricity) but we’ve learned not to expect a return.

Sadly, our much loved cat Kayfa has similarly disappeared into thin air.  We last saw her four days ago – leaping out the tray of the ute when I had to use it unexpectedly to make the school bus drop; she likes hidey holes and has about 72 here that we know of.  That we know of; we’re all hoping she also has eleventy three we don’t know about. In  Kayfa’s case (lovely petite, possum colored kitty that she is),  it’s best not to think about what might her fate might be.  It’s enough to keep me up at night.  Cross your fingers.  Oh, and in case she doesn’t return, please remind me it’s not necessary to balance out the animal quotient here…there are plenty of paws as it is.  Plenty.

Anyone else have things disappear into thin air?  Does it drive you to distraction trying to figure out how as well?


Monday morning – 6 days later – a seriously cranky Kayfa appeared at the door as I left for work!!  She yowled all the way to the laundry where her food dish is, and Mr 17 year old leapt out of bed (crippled with hayfever) and called “My Little Darling!  Where have you been?!”

Leaving me with two thoughts: No more can people blame all the animal craziness on me AND in what Universe did she disappear into??


6 thoughts on “Living in a Large Space

  1. Our paws are increasing, so I guess it’s the world’s way of balancing things. Kayfa looks like TC (one of my previous cats, simply called that because she was The Cat.) So I am guessing that if Kayfa isn’t in one of those eleventythree hidey places, she and TC are teaching all the good cats how to learn to spell.

  2. Sadly, I think you’re right Robin…I’m buggered if I know where she got to, but I’m reassuring myself that she had a wonderful time while she was here with us.

    P.S. I’m thinking you might need more space too if you’ve gotten more paws!

  3. Oh it’s life in the country…If you end up having more cats you’ll just get used to them coming and going, coming and going…I’m glad yours came back this time! Loved the reference to baby cheeses btw 🙂 lol

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