Smaller Fashion Footprint

If, like me, you enjoy an op through an op-shop, this may be an op for you, women of Canberra and outlying districts. Next Sunday afternoon The Clothing Exchange will host its last clothes swap of the year.

The premise is you buy a ticket, find up to 6 items from your wardrobe (clean and in good repair) and you come, register and swap them for the same amount of items that will then find a good home in your wardrobe. Check here for FAQ.

This is a good time to pull out the things that never make the Vinnie’s bag because they’re too good/brand new or the ones that you love but you don’t ever wear because you don’t go to Gatsby style soirées as much as you’d hoped. Ahem.

They do have big girl stuff, as I can attest (at 5’10” 14-16), and champers. And a tip: wear clothes that you can change over for quick try ons: flats you can kick off and leggings and tank layers for I-cant-wait-for-the-changeroom excitement!

Come and try for some good clothes karma, and bring your buds for some extra fun –  I’ll see you there!


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