11 Signs You Are a Homebody (or 11 reasons to have your soft pants on).

My name is Alyson, and I am a hermit homebody – not that there’s anything wrong with that.  I semi-justify it by saying I have an extremely public work persona, so it makes sense that I balance that by being a total hermit, err, homebody.  Having said that, of course, homebodies aren’t necessarily hermits like myself…but if you can relate to a good number of these – you, my reader, are as close to a card-carrying homebody as you can get…and there’s nothing wrong with that!

1. You prefer online shopping: You don’t have to leave home for on-line shopping, in fact, you can sit in the comfiest, sunny spot in the house and suck down a coffee or a wine at the same time.  Best shopping experience ever.

2.  You don’t mind ‘pop-in’ friends: If they come to you, it means you don’t have to go out – plus it assuages the need to be sociable (or, if you are as bad as I am, the sense that you should, probably be sociable).

3.  Similarly, entertaining at home is more appealing than going out to dinner.  Especially in winter.

4.  You have got ingredient substitution down to a fine art:  Up to step 5, and realise you don’t have an extra egg?  Substitute a tablespoon of chia soaked in a tablespoon of water.  Homebodies are all over not having to go to the shop to finish that dish with a neat little substitution tip….”Sugar-booger! Let’s try honey/maple syrup/ caramel topping and see what happens!”

5.  You bake: Rather than going out to shop for school snacks on the weekend, you bake Weetbix Slice at home, listening to your favorite music, drinking tea and playing ‘Words with Friends’ at the same time.  It’s less about being a domestic god/dess and more about staying in your soft pants.

6.  Your house smells good: not necessarily in a sparkling clean kind of way (or is that just me?), but in a baking/scenty candle/incense/slow cooker dinner kind of way (- plus for extra points you may have figured out how to make your own scenty candles!).

7.  Within 5 – 10 minutes of arriving home from work you have lost the bra/shoes/structured clothes and you are in soft pants, holey tops and bed socks with grippy stuff on the bottom.  Or Uggies.

8.  You have a cohort of friends that pass no judgement on the state of your house/what you may be wearing, that are welcome any time! (See no.2)

9.  You like the idea of, and practice to some degree, self sufficiency: growing herbs, having chickens, a vegie patch, making scenty candles…means you don’t necessarily have to go out for herbs, veg, eggs. (See no. 4)

10. At some level, you relate to the cat: feeling like you ‘should’ go out, but knowing as soon as you are out there, that you’d rather be back home.

11.  You honestly think you might not do so badly in a Zombie Apocalypse. Self explanatory.

I didn’t even put anything in there about procrastinating because I am mature enough (I am SO mature) to acknowledge that that may just be my issue and not necessarily one for across-the-board homebodyness.  Homebodyness is a word.

I do not dispute that the need to wear soft pants can also be attributed as an effect of every one of the 11 signs, but soft pants are quite in now anyway, I’ve learned that through online shopping.

So, tell me truthfully, are you a homebody? Any tips about general Zombie Apocalypse survival?


8 thoughts on “11 Signs You Are a Homebody (or 11 reasons to have your soft pants on).

  1. Wonderful post, Alyson! I prefer not to think about the zombie apocalypse but prefer to imagine I’m living in some other time or place, theteby knowing I could easily have survived 1851! So going anywhere would then destroy whatever scenario it is.

  2. I think I have a split personality – 1/3 homebody and 2/3 not … interestingly demonstrated by this weekend.

    love the insights though – some ring totally true

    AND love having your words sounding in my ear … your voice is wonderfully unique


  3. hello alyson its dennis the vizsla dog hay we ar prepayrd for the zombie apokalips heer too!!! dada has a kuple of swords and wile he duz not no how to yooze them he duz reemember that as the zombie survival guide sez blayds do not need reloading!!! ha ha ok bye

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