Catch Up

There seems to be a pattern in my blog writing at the moment – one I hope to break.  It seems I get snowed under for three days at a time, and then spend 4 days rectifiying this.  Interestingly, the housework pattern is similar.  Luckily, the food cooking is not – it’s regular as clockwork, if not a little OTT.  So, if you can’t find new posts on my blog, come over and at least I’ll feed you.

Thankyou, Lavenderbay, I really needed that big, red puffy heart on the day you gave it!  You’re right about the mush: horse poo, chicken poo, hot mushy chicken scraps – did I mention the worm farm?  I’m right up to my elbows in mush!  And you may be surprised to find I have a bit of mush in my head too (see my last post).  That’s about as mushy as I get, without soppy movies and chocolate, but we’ll see.
She protesteth too much, methinks.

But, I’d like to shout out this BIG, RED, PUFFY HEART to those wonderful people who connect with me everyday, leaving comments or not.  Writers like being read, but a sidebenefit of this blog has been discovering like minded souls in unexpected places.  Many of you already have big, red, puffy hearts.  Keep up the good work: you inspire me.


to set the mood Goofy, Me and Michelin Baby.  5 years ago.  Just for fun. 


Voice of the Turtle tagged me, and seeing as reading those ’10 questions’ columns in the weekend papers fascinates me, (whether I know the interviewee or not) I relish the opportunity to put my foot where my mouth is, and broadcast the weirder (oh yes, there is weirder) side of myself.

1. What were you doing ten years ago?

10 years ago, we were living an idyllic life in Alice Springs, in the very red heart of Australia.  The chap above, with the Goofy hat on was 4 months old and Michelin Baby was yet undreamt of.  Stepford Husband’s father was dying of Mesothelioma and SH and our eldest son were  visiting with him in Cairns, Queensland this week 10 years ago.  None of us knew that he would die a fortnight after they left, and that he would never meet the baby I stayed at home with.  Life was bittersweet that year, to say the least.

2. What are five things on your to-do list today?

It’s now 5.05pm on Friday night – so here’s what remains on my list from now until 7.45pm when I may fall asleep. It’s happened too many times for me to say this lightly.

*  Make pizza dough, so that Stepford Husband can make pizza for this, his one night to cook (anyone else see the irony here?).

*  Call my sister and face the music about what I said to her husband (see previous post).

*  Remember to rescue the notes from the kids schoolbags so there isn’t a cranky morning on Monday (see previous post).

*  Collect the eggs.

*  Try another of Stepford Husband’s new home brew. 

3. What snacks do you enjoy?

Stuff on toast.  I’m a complete carbohydrate addict so we have a freezer full of nice, good bread.  I can always eat toast, and stuff on toast makes me happy.  It covers all the bases.  Vegemite for healthy/salty stuff, honey or homemade jam for sweet stuff, or leftovers for efficient use of stuff – particularly if there is leftover Asparagus Mornay.  Want to make me feel at home at your house, then give me stuff on toast.  Or dark chocolate.  Oooh, and at certain times of the year, Halva.

4. Things you would do if you were a billionaire.

Keep it quiet.  Pay off our mortgage and plant heaps of trees around the place.  Build a shed for Stepford Husband and a Studio for myself.  Invest properly.  Bank a bunch.  Donate to Landcare and ARF.

5. Three of your bad habits.


6. Five places you have lived.

1.  Canberra, ACT
2.  Perth, Western Australia
3.  Glebe Point Road Youth Hostel, Sydney (briefly)
4.  Alice Springs, Northern Territory
5.  Here – Murrumbateman, New South Wales

7. Five jobs you’ve had.

1.  Model (they were looking for very tall, gawky girls back then).
2.  Film Editor.
3.  The chick who puts the weather symbols and temperatures on the weather maps for the TV weather guy .
4.  Vision Switcher.
5.  AST (Year 12) Testing Supervisor.

8. How did you name your blog?

Where we live we have been in drought for many years – the sun is out ALL THE TIME and it’s important for me to look for, and see, the lighter side of life to maintain equilibrium.  Hence, Laugh in the Sun.


Hey, I’m not as weird as I thought I would be. Clearly because these are all the right questions.  So, who to tag next?  I tag Rhubarb Whine and Light, Sweet, Crude and Free Flow Life if they feel so inclined – no pressure, but inquiring minds want to know.  OK, MY inquiring mind wants to know…always with the inquiring.  That’s my fourth bad habit…my fifth is also bad language, SNAP Lavenderbay!

Some days..

Some days writing is a breeze and I have so many ideas coming at the same time that I have to keep a number of different notebooks aound me so that I can grab random thoughts divebombing my brain, before they leave me again.  I’m, like, ADHD writer.

Some days, I am so focussed on what I am writing, that I am on the street and seeing the conversation of my characters as they meet for the first time, and I am shocked to fall back into my kitchen and see the clock says I have been there for 5 hours.

Some days….it is all…I can do…to keep a cohesive thought long enough….to write even one blog…let alone two…or even a comment.  It’s constipation of the worst kind.  Well, nearly. 

What do you do when you feel like this?