Health Karma

You play hard, you pay…HARD.  My head is packed firmly with cotton wool and someone poured gritty wet concrete down my throat through the night…know that feeling?  Being in bed sick means I am at the mercy of the whole family – who are determined to love me to death.  The dogs keep arguing over who needs to be on my legs and who should lie full length along my body – apparently to keep me warm, and not to stifle or suffocate me in any way.  I am fair game for our youngest who is reading to me from her favorite book of the moment – something about the process of mummification.  Nice.  And the boys alternately place their cool hands on my fevered brow and yell at each other about how to make me the nicest cup of tea. Awwww.  I could cry.  Meanwhile, while I have the whole family monitoring my every breath in my bedroom, Kayfa is making the most of the vacant family room and its lovely fire.

I am so jealous.