Catch up 1

I was pleased and honored to receive a Tree of Happiness award from Voice of the Turtle,

and now I can catch up and do the things that one does after one has learnt to put such an award in one’s sidebar (Thanks again VotT!) and these things are: name 6 things that make me happy, name those I pass the award on to, and link to the passer and the passee’s.

Six things that make me happy:

1.  Rainy days when I don’t have to be anywhere and I have some good movies or books.  And no housework.  Well, that would make me happy if it ever happened…really I think that just might be my favorite dream.  You can see how I might get confused.

2.  A new secret cookbook purchase.  It’s a bad habit, but a happy one.

3.  Watching my chooks being chooky when they’ve forgotten I’m there.

4.  Hearing my kids laugh.  Together. At the same time.  Not at each other.  If they’re laughing at me, that’s OK too.

5.  The smell of onion frying in butter.

6.  Listening to my Ipod shuffle while I cook, with a glass of wine/beer/scotch close by.


And my recipients are:

Free Flow Life: who is working very hard at learning about the difference between trees and weeds.

Rhubarb Whine: who makes me think she’d be a Willow if she were a tree.

Light.Sweet.Crude: who thinks I’m stalking her, for sure! But her funnies make me feel normal.

Food History: whose creativity and subtle sense of humor makes me smile.

Wendy Palmer: whose blog offers me the ‘Aha!’ moments that help me write.

Thankyou, I appreciate you all, and though you may not realise it, you all make little contributions to my headspace through the day: food for thought, smiles, and even conversation fodder – I always need conversation fodder to feed my incessant need to talk.  Bet you had no idea!?